Rose Matafeo is a New Zealand comedian and actress known for her incredible show, Horndog, which won this year’s Best Comedy Show Award at the Fringe.

Jamie Laing and producer Pete Strauss host the podcast with hilarious guest Rose Matafeo. The podcast starts off as Jamie and Rose tease Pete for his lack of headphones, leading to Jamie discussing the strange voices in his head.

Conversation moves on to Jamie and Rose’s time on the bake-off extra slice, and Rose explains how she felt she was hanging with the cool kids at school. Rose knew Jamie already because she had to binge watch two seasons of made in Chelsea in a single weekend for her old job. Jamie of course takes this information humbly.

As Rose explains the fact that Nish Kumar is her lucky charm for her comedy shows, Jamie goes into detail about the Private Parts tour’s show in Southport. He explains how he had to run on to the stage naked for a crowd of older people, and why he gets naked at shows. Rose relates with her own bad experiences with comed.

Rose reveals she puts comedians into two categories: those that love performing and those that dislike gigging, claiming she is ‘so the latter’. Although Jamie loves the attention of shows, he finds himself feeling very anxious, particularly when he is completely naked. Wonder why…

Rose grew up in a Rastafarian community with parents that are much cooler than her. This meant in her childhood she ate an abundance of goat curry. On the topic of crazy food, cameraman Pete shares his own horrifying story of eating a Cambodian dog.

The difference between Jamie and Rose’s teenage years is revealed. Rose says if she could’ve given up 10 years of a career in comedy to have kissed 3 more boys as a teenager, she absolutely would’ve.

Jamie dives into the topic of Edinburgh shows. He remembered when Rose was able to hug Steve Coogan and John Robins at the show, and mouthed ‘WTF is happening?’ to the crowd. Jamie credits Rose for the hustle of her job, as he thinks part of his show is people coming just for himself and Francis.

Jamie talks about his more awkward teenage years, thinking back to a date when he was 16, wearing a tweed jacket. Rose feels the same way, having based a whole show on the fact she had only kissed 9 boys in her life. Jamie thinks that if he’d met Rose when they were teenagers, they would’ve kissed, but Rose strongly disagrees.

Rose discusses how shows can develop as time goes on, often drawing on what happening in the comedians life; for Rose at one point this was about coming off the birth control pill. Jamie has trouble changing between improvised and pre-prepared comedy shows.

There is a point as a teenage girl where you are directed away from the technical side of film-making, so there is a real lack of female directors and screenwriters. This means Rose has immense respect for those that push past this stereotype.