Ollie Proudlock joins the Private Parts crew

Long time pal and former housemate of the lads Ollie Proudlock joins Jamie and Francis to reunite the Lost Bois for Private Parts’ 100th flippin’ episode!

The guys start out by shaming Jamie for his crippling debt and bad luck: first a pricey flat in Chelsea that fell in value followed quickly by some poorly judged investments in Bitcoin. Oh dear. But, luckily for Jamie, Proudlock knows all about investments: he’s just bought his very first home with fiancé Emma, as seen in their YouTube series ‘From Casa To Crib’.

It doesn’t take them long to start reminiscing about the good old days, back when they first joined Made In Chelsea and all lived together. And apparently when ‘Turbo Jamie’ was a thing. They chat about their epic post-BAFTA party, burning a hole through the roof of their flat and going to Barbados for a very cringey photoshoot which was totally NOT written up by Proudlock.

The second part of the episode opens with some amazing news for Jamie: he’s having a baby! But – oh wait, it’s a joke. Regardless, Jamie can’t help but get himself into further trouble with Heloise…

They then move onto Proudlock’s genuine good news: his upcoming wedding, which he’s very much looking forward to planning over the next 12 or so months – especially now that DJ Catbreath, a.k.a. Francis Boulle, is doing a set at the afterparty.

They wrap up the 100th episode of Private Parts with a look back on how far they’ve come and some creepy impressions of Proudlock’s catchphrase: don’t just live it, love it.  

Watch the episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCvJnl_JjpA

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