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Now FOUR HOURS in to their marathon LIVE #WorldAIDsDay episode, the lads are joined by Snoochie Shy to talk splash back, stalking Giggs and getting the wines in.

Maître d’hôtel and star of First Dates Fred Sirieix invites the lads to his restaurant to chat boxing, being a giver and the art of love.

Arron Crascall joins the lads for a LIVE edition of Private Parts for #WorldAIDSDay to chat pranks gone wrong, mental health and quitting his job in secret.

Comedian and choirlad Lloyd Griffith joins Jamie and Francis to chat singing with Take That, playing footy with Wayne Rooney and lying through his teeth.

Josh Pieters joined the lads for a special LIVE edition of Private Parts to raise awareness for #WorldAIDSDay.

Comedians Catherine Bohart and Sarah Keyworth join the lads to chat teenage suits, cacao seeds and ‘the’ Adele.

Estée Lalonde joined the lads for a special LIVE edition of Private Parts to raise awareness for #WorldAIDSDay.

Comedian Ed Gamble joins Jamie and Francis to talk masturbation, bottles of piss and being funny, not sexy.

Jess Woodley joined the lads for a special LIVE edition of Private Parts to raise awareness for #WorldAIDSDay.

Freya Ridings joins the lads for a chat about Love Island, finding her tribe and how to poo on a tour bus.

Ex-Special Forces and Royal Marine Jason Fox joins Jamie for a chat about narcos, PTSD and getting bit on the testicle by a scorpion.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2018 was a fantastic year for Private Parts. We’ve gone on tour, been joined by amazing guests and you’ve tuned in MILLIONS of times. Thank you for listening, here’s to 2019!

Comedian, writer and Jamie’s school chum Ivo Graham chats living down under, fake sleep walking and being Francis’ life Doppelgänger.

GUYS – It’s only bloody Christmas time! Jamie and Francis are feeling VERY festive as they talk about lying to children, pet monkeys and burning letters to Santa! Ho Ho Ho!

Candy Kittens co-founder Ed Williams joins the boys to chat being an entrepreneur, Francis working in a (gold)mine and Jamie meeting his No.1 fan. Sponsored by iZettle.

Comedian, actress and host of Griefcast Cariad Lloyd joins Jamie to chat panto, death and being fluent in fake French.

Comedian, writer and actor Tom Allen NOT from Home Improvement joins Jamie and François for a chat about the Ritchies, Judge Rinder and sexy cleaners.

Spencer Matthews brings his baby wee boy onto the podcast to chat family, being a sociopath and getting some goddamn free gifts from Harrods (again).

This week Jamie and Francis are joined by Harrison Osterfield to chat Spiderman, Jamie’s boxing match and living the actor’s life.

Jamie and Francis confess their most costly sins and crown one impulsive listener winner of a Samsung Galaxy S9 with a year’s free contract on iD Mobile. Better yet, they both remember their diaries!

Made In Chelsea’s Sophie Hermann joins the lads to talk being expelled from school, herpes and getting to third base. They’re totally not linked.

Amelia Dimoldenberg joins Jamie for a chat about Chicken Shop Dates, teenhood and extra curricular projects. She was definitely one of the cool kids.

Heloise joins the lads for this BONUS EPISODE of Private Parts as they celebrate Jamie’s cough*21st*cough birthday whilst on tour.

Pro surfer Rob Machado chats with the boys about his career, beef with Kelly Slater and putting away your phone. Plus Francis totally fangirls.

Comedian and writer Rose Matafeo comes in for a chat with Jamie and producer Pete about stand-up comedy, getting through the teenage years and women in industry. Read More.

McFly’s Danny Jones joins the boys to lose his podcast virginity and chat Bolton, Chelsea and forming McBusted. Read More.

Jack Whitehall joins the boys to chat growing up in boarding school, their love of Proudlock and working out the groin muscle.  Read More.

Love Island’s Dr Alex George joins Jamie and Francis for a chat about break-ups, fame and why he’s single.

Comedian Luke Kempner joins the boys to show off his array of INCREDIBLE impressions, Jamie remembers his diary and Andy Jordan gets a surprise call from “Andy Murray”.

Olympic medalist and gymnast Nile Wilson joins Jamie and Francis to talk stepping onto the podium, performing for his country and how much he’d sell his medal for.

Love Island’s Montana Brown joins the boys for a chat about one night stands, her dream man and life on Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island.

Jamie and Francis are joined by the hilarious Tom Lucy as they talk war stories, worst gigs and Francis reads his diary.

Alik Alfus joins old buddies Jamie and Francis to open up about his breakup with Louise, why he moved to London and tel all about his current love life.

Love Island’s Laura Crane joins Jamie and Francis to talk Devon, Jamie’s lactating nipples and getting accidentally naked.

Joe Thomas of The Inbetweeners, Fresh Meat and The Festival fame joins Jamie and Francis for a chat about sweat rash, being a good boy and Francis defending Proudlock.

In the first ever LIVE episode of Private Parts, Jamie and Francis talk first jobs, remember their diaries (!) and read out listener’s Private Parts stories. Brought to you by iD Mobile.

The day has finally come: Jamie’s wonderful girlfriend Heloise is on the show and reveals all about Jamie, their relationship and…carpet burns. Also Francis does maybe our funniest prank call yet!

In this bonus episode of the podcast Jamie hangs with superstar Anne-Marie to chat fame, anxiety and doing your own thing.

Jamie and Francis are joined by flatmates Rhys James and Adam Hess to discuss living together, getting egged and national cookie numbers.

Sam Thompson reveals all about his love life, Big Brother and more. Oh, and he breaks some very exciting news to his mum which may or may not be true…

Caggie opens up about her time on Made in Chelsea, her love life, embarrassing stories and some naughty things! Hear her new single and Francis’ Question Of The Week.

Maybe our funniest episode ever!?! Jamie Demetriou joins the boys as they chat poo, acting and getting to know Johnny Depp…

Tom Read Wilson returns joined by comedian Suzi Ruffell to pontificate theatre, love and super villains. PLUS we have Tom’s Diary and intimate date details.

School chums Fredrik and Francis are in the studio, while Jamie phones in from Croatia. The guys chat Love Island, School days, the World Cup plus distribute some life advice.

There’s nothing the boys love more than forcing unwitting guests into awkward prank calls. Here are their favourites, featuring the dulcet tones of Tom Read Wilson, Spencer Matthews, London Hughes and more.

Jamie and Francis chat the new season of Love Island, dirty chicken eggs and depressing Rugrat theories. Oh, and Jamie remembers his diary!

Comedian Joel Dommett joins Jamie and Francis to talk sex scenes with Sienna Miller, catfishing and finding himself on PornHub.

Caspar Lee invites Jamie and Francis to his totally-not-in-Vauxhall flat for a chat about happiness, cockroaches and friends getting kicked out of I’m A Celebrity…

Writer, top lad and more importantly producer of Private Parts Pete Strauss joins the boys to talk first jobs, poo flavoured ice-cream and Jamie’s pungent flat.

Mat Horne joins Jamie and Francis to talk chelated zinc, his favourite acting role and why Brazil is called Brazil (thanks Francis).

Comedian, writer and presenter London Hughes rates Jamie and Francis in bed, reveals why she got fired from Babestation and gives Jeremy Corbyn a dirty call.

Tom Read Wilson returns with comedian Adam Hess to talk dreams, fears and booking Theresa May for the next podcast.

Comedian and car crasher James Acaster gives the boys some harrowing advice for the upcoming tour.

Made In Chelsea star Stevie Johnson joins Jamie and Francis for a round on the ‘faulty’ lie detector before the boys announce some VERY big news…

Rhys James, brought to you by Analsol, meets the boys and books himself into the O2 for a gig that’s definitely happening.

What did Jamie discover when he put his hands down his trousers in the cinema? And has Francis ever had sexual thoughts about his cohost?

Russell Kane compares standup to heroin (in a good way) before schooling the lads in American accents. More importantly, they find out how fast a hummingbird’s heart beats. Thanks Francis…

Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby talks leaving the show, flirts with Tom and overshares from her diary.

The boys celebrate the podcast’s birthday only to discover their mums haven’t been listening.