John Lewis And Partners Image Jamie Laing AND Francis Boulle

John Lewis And Partners Image Jamie Laing AND Francis Boulle

Francis Loves Ecosexual.

Jamie and Francis bring this episode to you from John Lewis & Partners on Oxford Street London, who are our episode sponsors.  The episode kicks off with a quick bicker between the boys revolving around the annual issues of giving, receiving gifts, John Lewis and Christmas.

The boys briefly discuss their preferences at the table during Christmas lunch and Francis makes some questionable choices such as oysters and lobsters.

To fit the festive season, the pair tour around John Lewis and help 3 prize winning fans with their gift shopping.

The first challenge is finding some suitable makeup for competition winner Victoria.

Next up they hunt for a jacket for another listener (who likes French Rap) with the help of John Lewis stylist Mark, who recommends a ‘rust’ coloured bomber jacket.

The final winner is looking for sustainable and eco-friendly gift.  Francis and Jamie head to the bed section and discuss the variety of sleeping positions.  They select a present for this winner with a suitable gift that could save the planet.

This year John Lewis has announced they will fill your Quality Street Box with only the chocolates of your choice. No need to throw away the ones nobody likes.   This leads the pair to debate their favourite Quality Street.

Francis proposes the question of the week which keeps well in touch of the festive spirit and leaves Jamie scrambling for an answer.

Francis wonders whether Santa Claus’ toy making operation counts as slave labour as Jamie’s diary delivers a seasonal but quirky story about Santa and Christmas morning as a child, leaving the audience to question the imagination of Jamie.  Francis’ diary follows with a sinister account of a typical Christmas morning which seemed to leave Jamie in tears with laughter.

The episode is rounded off as Jamie and Francis try their hand at a rap freestyle for a lucky member of the public.   Jamie scrapes half a point as Francis reveals the answer to the Christmas question of the week.