This week, Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle’s welcomed the much requested comedian, Jack Whitehall to the podcast.

Jack Whitehall is the esteemed British Comedian, perhaps most credited for his stand-up comedy and appearances in the successful TV shows, Fresh Meat and Bad Education. Also most recently he has been involved in more projects, including the upcoming Disney movie, ‘The Jungle Cruise’ and his Netflix series with his father, ‘Travels with my Father’.

On the podcast, the light-hearted discussion between the three begins with Jamie and Jack sharing stories of some of their eccentric schooling experiences, having everyone laughing at the crazier moments of their own experiences at British boarding schools.

Jack informs Jamie and Francis how his persona developed at school complimented his future comedic ‘voice’ and the importance of distinguishing between this on-stage voice and an everyday humour. At this point, Jamie decides to share some of the personal stories with himself and Jack, including humorous stories of the Brit Awards, as well as teasing banter surrounding Jack’s past.

As Jack explains to the boys his thought process at various different kinds of comedy show, Jamie decides he himself would make an effective stand-up comedian, before his dreams are swiftly destroyed by both Francis and Jack.

The question of the day segment has Francis quiz Jamie and Jack on the definition of a very odd word, leading the clueless pair to typically hysterical assumptions.

The first part is rounded up as Jack fills in Jamie and Francis about his multitude of wedding memories, including his best man pressures. The strange reason (or maybe not) why Jamie hasn’t been selected as a best man yet is analysed.


Part 2 dives straight into the group exploring Jack’s favourite hobbies. Notably his time working out with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, which lead to Jack feeling lazy. Jamie calls out another celebrity, Mark Wahlberg, noting his ridiculous personal schedule that has been released online. Jack suggests some good ideas for Mark, like using the shower for less than 90 minutes at a time, and waking up a little later than 2:30am…

This triggers conversation of Jack’s current schedule, including brief details on his upcoming Disney film, as well as his global explorations during the filming of both series’ of his Netflix show with his dad, seeing Jack reveal his favourite moment from the filming process.

The boys delve into the topic of Brexit by asking the questions no-one else will: Will Britain still compete in Eurovision? Jack and Jamie’s obsession with Eurovision is exposed.

The episode is rounded up as Francis reveals the answer to the question of the day, leaving the group in hysterics as the answer seemed as ridiculous as their guesses.