Danny Jones is a highly successful British musician, known for his role as one of the lead vocalists in the pop-rock band, ‘McFly’. McFly had immense success since its rise to fame in 2004, releasing five studio albums. Since McFly, Danny Jones has continued his success as a Voice Kids UK coach, and is now making a start on his own solo musical career.

Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle’s podcast hosts British musician and ‘podcast-virgin’ Danny Jones. Jamie shamelessly reveals his childhood crush for Danny, met with a flattered yet surprised reaction from the musician. The conversation gets back on track as Danny discusses his growth from a young age into a musical star, explaining some of his more embarrassing experiences along the way. This included a painful but life-changing dance audition where Danny met the first member of his future band, ‘McFly’. Danny explains his introduction to pop music and the boys all discuss the real definition of ‘pop’, seeing Jamie come to a radical discovery.

Danny looks back at the beginnings of his career and whether he knew he was living the dream at the time. He explains that himself and the other member of his band allowed their manager to handle most of the work, and all they knew was that their music seemed to be gaining attention. Jamie and Francis are shocked by Danny’s seemingly high income from a young age, but Danny informs them of the drawbacks of record deals, and how owning your own record being difficult.

The conversation moves to the changes in modern music and the evolution of how music is made, particularly in how the process of producing music from your bedroom has become more professional over the years.

The question of the day, ‘how many thoughts do we have a day?’ receives varied answers. Jamie jokes that he has only two thoughts a day, triggering speculation as to what these thoughts might be. Francis shows off his ‘daily uniform’ idea which saves him a whole thought every day! Jamie then decides to share the moment that (he claims) himself and Danny first ‘fell in love’ at 10 Downing Street.

Danny opens up about the harder parts of being a star in the music industry, explaining that the competition can lead musicians astray with self-medication. He had a wake-up call when two members of the group went to rehab, yet he still believes that the pressures of modern music are only getting worse. Danny states the best drug ever is the buzz of a fully booked concert.

The story of how ‘McFly’ gained its last two members proved humorous as Danny explained how awkward it was to run these auditions, and how the first two people in the queue were the ones that eventually got the jobs.

The boys share stories of their experience with anxiety within their careers, and how the way this is being handled seems far better now, as more people are aware of these issues. Jamie notes that these struggles aren’t always acknowledged by fans of star musicians as they are considered inhuman.

The episode comes to the end as Danny has miraculous luck (or skill) with the answer to the question of the day, putting Jamie’s attempts to shame.