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Recent Private Parts Podcast guests include James Argent, Sophie Habboo, Binky Felstead, Vicky Pattison, Lydia Bright, Iain Stirling, Jordan Banjo, Elizabeth Day and Ollie Ollerton.

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Recent Private Parts Podcast Episodes

Presenter, Role Model, and author CHESSIE KING joins us for a chat about waxing, lying to your taxi driver and going to the BRITS. Plus, Francis gets flirty, and Fredrik Ferrier’s LIE is revealed.

Who is the best looking guy on Made In Chelsea? We are joined by Miles Nazaire for a chat about cloning, the secret to dirty talk and how the boys perform in the bedroom. We call Sophie Habboo for clarity, then hear about a road trip to Yorkshire and discover the problem with a hair transplant. Listen and Enjoy.

WATCH the full YouTube HERE

What happens when you get hypnotised? Do Jamie and Francis make good matchmakers? This week we have a very special VALENTINES DAY Episode for you. In Part 1 Francis gets frisky with the Pink Power Ranger, Jamie sings us a song and the guys serve up some love advice. In Part 2 we chat to Paul McKenna! We hear about Hypnotism, psychotherapy, his new book and Paul leaves us with a very special gift at the end. If you love or hate February 14th, this episode is for you.

WATCH the full YouTube video HERE

Want all the Love Island Gossip? Bombshell and fitness superstar Alexandra Cane joins Jamie Laing and Tom Lucy in the studio for a chat about “running away from cardio”, dating and what REALLy grinds your gears? PLUS a debate about Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and hanging out with Gregg Wallace in a sauna. Get ready to laugh team!

WATCH the full YouTube video HERE

Ciao! We are joined by Strictly Come Dancing’s Giovanni Pernice! We hear about punching people in the face, DANCING, The strictly curse and debate the pronunciation of “Hippopotamus”.

Watch the FULL YouTube video HERE

Mental Health is so important. We are joined by Author of “The Anxious Man” Josh Roberts for a chat about mental health. We open up, we laugh and we explore our experiences. Hang on team, this is an episode that hits close to the heart.

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Francis Boulle asks Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo DEEP questions about their relationship. Sophie Habboo calls Jamie Laing out for lying, PLUS what’s going on in the bedroom!? The couple reveal EVERYTHING! Then we learn about Francis’s First Kiss! Is it all about the love? Maybe…. listen and find out.

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Michelin Starred Chef Tom Kerridge joins us for a deliciously funny episode. We hear about drinking with Heston Blumenthal, Serial Killers, and how to kill a fish. Francis is away so Alex Mytton steps in. It’s FRIDAY!

Watch the full video on YouTube HERE

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THIS EPISODE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Jamie Laing is joined by the super inspirational SAS WHO DARES WINS presenter, author, Special Forces Instructor, Speaker and all around lovely guy Billy Billingham. Get ready to laugh, get ready to cry, get ready to be inspired! Plus, an epic story about Tom Cruise.

Billy is going on tour! Go see him and check out his new book (we KNOW Jamie is a fan!)


WATCH the full YouTube video HERE

Comedian Olga Koch comes on the show to announce she is not a virgin. She tells us about the Russian Government tapping her phone and we launch KNOCK. Did we save the best 2019 episode till last?

Watch the YouTube video HERE

🎄 MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 🎄 We freaking love you guys! In this SPECIAL Christmas episode we take some calls from YOU Private Parters, we opened some presents and Jamie calls Sophie Habboo.

Watch the YouTube HERE

Francis spots an Alien, Jamie sh*ts himself in the bath and singer songwriter Gabrielle Aplin tells us about Jamie sliding into her DM’s. PLUS, Francis discovered Billie Eilish, and we hear about Jamie getting heckled on his birthday. It’s Feel Good Friday!

Watch the YouTube HERE

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Comedian Joe Lycett joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio for a HILARIOUS chat about killing dogs, welshmen and why it’s illegal to eat an orange in the bath while in California. PLUS, Jamie loves the Corinthia Hotel, and why Helen Mirren is a FAN.

Watch the YouTube HERE

Big Thanks to The Davis Family Detective Agency for the amazing gift! https://www.dfdagency.net

Jamie went to the loo and never came back. Acting SUPERSTAR Shruti Haasan chats to Francis Boulle about Fame, Acting and Mental Health. PLUS, what is it like to have 12M followers on Instagram?!?

Watch the YouTube HERE

Can we solve a MURDER? Things take a creepy turn this week as we chat all things True Crime with The Redhanded Podcast. Is Ted Bundy really an ok guy? Who is the most dangerous man in prison? Is Sophie Habboo related to a serial killer? PLUS Haunting, Torture and Abduction. We aren’t scared… you are!

Watch the YouTube video HERE

The Girls bathroom” join Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio for a chat about poo, kissing and being sick in a taxi. Someone tries to buy Sophie Habboo’s used gym gear and we are introduced to Francis’s penis cookie eating alter ego. PLUS… Drake slides into the DM’s.

Watch the YouTube HERE


It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas! Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle go shopping at John Lewis on Oxford Street. Jamie tries on lipstick, Francis gets into bed and the boys end up on the roof. This is unlike any shopping trip you have ever been on.

Find out more here.

Big love to this episodes sponsor John Lewis and Partners

Comedian Alfie Brown joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio for a chat about masturbation, Harry Potter and what to do when your dad gets in a fight. Alfie goes undercover for the Met Police, Francis tells us about his father being stabbed (yes, really!) and we hear some damaging accusations about Jamie. It is a BANGER of an episode.

Watch the YouTube Video HERE

Sexpert Alix Fox joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio to talk about all things – S. E. X. Jamie tells us about the terrifying sex toy he’s just bought, plus we hear about a fondness for glory holes, a foot fetish and a pretty penis is revealed. This episode is NSFW!

Watch the YouTube Video HERE

Grace Grundy takes Jamie Laing down a peg or two. Francis Boulle mutes Jamie on social media and Jamie goes in hard on Grace’s boyfriend, Simon. PLUS an EXCLUSIVE update on Jamie Laing’s Strictly Come Dancing injury.

Watch the YouTube video HERE

What came first? Made in Chelsea or The Only Way Is Essex? It all kicks off when we have TOWIE superstar James Argent on the show. PLUS, We hear about being scared of jellyfish, Mental Health, what REALLY happened on Celebrity Coach Trip and vaseline on nipples.

Watch the YouTube video HERE

Mixed Martial arts champion James Wilks joins Jamie and Francis in the ring, we mean studio for a chat about fighting, plant based diet and Jamie gets mugged. PLUS, who kidnapped Charlie? Watch the YouTube Video HERE

England Rugby player Danny Care joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio to talk about that time Jamie trolled Danny on twitter, mental health and the boys open some mail. Watch the YouTube Video HERE

Love Island’s Lucie Donlan joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio for a chat about relationships, moving to Cornwall and flippers. PLUS Francis tells us about a time capsule in his diary. Get ready to giggle like a BEV. Watch her YouTube video HERE

Cricket Sporting Legend Jason Roy joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio for a chat about superstition, the Ashes, reaching your potential, mental health and trolling Danny Care. Get ready to be inspired.

Watch the YouTube HERE

Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle are in an odd mood. Who spiked the coffee? The boys also take a moment to prank call Sophie Habboo. Listen and enjoy.

Watch the YouTube Video HERE

How much money can you make from YouTube? We ask Oli White about being a YouTuber, Mental Health and Friendship. PLUS we are gifted some CBD oil and Francis cracks it open…

Watch the YouTube Video HERE

Alex Mytton joins Jamie Laing for a chat about farting in bed, naming babies and a prank call to Sophie Habboo. Plus an intimate heartfelt chat about the passing of Alex’s mum. This episode is a journey, come along.



Watch the YouTube Video HERE

Sexy scenes in a car park, balls popping out, a wedding in Vegas and Jamie shares his dreams. Francis is away so Alex Mytton steps in. It’s Friday Baby!


Watch the YouTube Video HERE

Joel Dommett joins us to talk about animal sex, getting engaged and the difference between Jamie and Francis. Francis Boulle is in Edinburgh, so Producer Pete Strauss steps in.


Watch the YouTube Video HERE

Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Strictly Star and Coach of “The Voice Kids” Pixie Lott joins us for her FIRST EVER PODCAST! Pixie and the boys battle Mercury in Retrograde, Francis shares his morning rituals and Jamie waits for a call from Ariana Grande.

Watch the YouTube Video HERE

⚡BIG NEWS ⚡ Jamie Laing tells us all about Strictly Come Dancing! 🕺PLUS Francis Boulle challenges Russell Brand. 🥋 It’s back to old school style with just the guys, and not to be missed!

Watch this Episode on YouTube HERE

Hinge, Tinder, Bumble, Raya… We chat about online dating with Presenter Lilah Parsons! Plus Paraphilic Infantilism, knitting catalogs and Tupperware.


Watch this Episode on YouTube HERE

Our last Livestream with our buddies and sponsors iD Mobile. Join Jamie and Francis for a chat about cheating, jiu-jitsu, and giraffes. #AD


Watch the Livestream HERE 

We chat to Tim Lovejoy about acceptance, being a TV Presenter and Mental Health. PLUS, Jamie’s diary tells us about an appearance on a classic TV show.

Watch this Episode HERE

What is it like to live under armed guard? Comedian and resident of the Tower of London Tom Houghton joins the lads for a chat about Boarding School trauma, execution, torture, murder and ghosts. PLUS the walk of shame to the Tower of London.

Watch this Episode HERE

Are you ok Jamie? Catherine Bohart and Sarah Keyworth are BACK! We hear about a walk in the countryside, PLUS vaginas, sex in the dark, pubic hair and poo. What more could you ask for?

Watch this Episode HERE 

Sophie Habboo joins Jamie and Francis in the studio to talk about LOVE! First love, heartbreak and new love. This episode is full to the brim with news, gossip, SEX and laughs!

Watch this Episode HERE

We have the heartthrob boy band New Hope Club in to chat to us about Black Holes, following Cody Simpson to the Bathroom and singing gets us in trouble. Francis is away, so the legend that is TOM LUCY steps in.


Watch the YouTube video HERE

FINALLY!! Binky Felstead joins Jamie Laing in the studio to discover the truth behind the gossip. We hear about Jamie putting a glow stick up his own… plus motherhood, sharing a drunken kiss or two and filming Made in Chelsea.

Love you Binks!

This week’s episode is dedicated to you Private Parters! Jamie and Francis read out your letters, give advice and discuss Brokeback Mountain and celebrity encounters.

Stand up comedian and all-around good guy Adam Rowe, joins us to talk about comedy, heckling and being true to you.

Geordie Shore and I’m a Celebrity’s Vicky Pattison joins Jamie and Francis to chat about being unlucky in love, getting drunk on TV and Mental Health. This episode will make you laugh, it will make you think, it will make you slide into the DM’s.

Jamie has a touching and open chat to fellow podcaster and author Elizabeth Day. We hear about failure, the podcast awards, abandonment, heartbreak, death threats and children.

The real life superhero Ollie Ollerton joins Jamie in the studio to chat about pooing in cling film and the meaning of life. Plus Jamie tells us about a night out with Spencer Matthews and Ollie shares a story about a chimp that will make your jaw drop, guaranteed! It’s intense!

Voice of an angel and x-factor winner Louisa Johnson joins the guys for a hilarious and touching chat about mental health, singing and competition.

TOWIE star and podcaster Lydia Bright joins Jamie in the studio to chat about losing her virginity, crying on TV and relationships.

Watch the episode HERE

Comedian Dane Baptiste joins Jamie and Francis to chat bum vinegar and happiness as the lads open their FIRST EVER fan mail!

Comedian and northerner Brennan Reece joins the lads to chat pooing tattoos, life as an accident and what being a naughty letter C gets you. It’s a doggy dog world out there.

Watch it HERE

Winner of Britain’s Got Talent Jordan Banjo is on the show chatting Diversity, Francis’ Jiu-jitsu competition and beating Susan Boyle. Watch it here.

My Dad Wrote a Porno host Jamie Morton joins the guys to chat Porn, Amsterdam’s red light district and Bebo. Watch it here.

Tall presenter Rick Edwards joins the lads to talk naked Jamie, meeting a Bond villain and Katie Price’s very thick skin. Watch it here.

Comedian and voice of Love Island Iain Stirling joins the lad to talk getting pantsed, selling out the Apollo and the perils of forgetting to put your penis away. Watch it here.

Olympian Will Satch joins the lads to chat winning gold, mental health struggles and the realities of racer’s pecker. Watch it here.

Capital FM DJ and voice of Shipwrecked Vick Hope joins the lads to talk Jamie’s botox, getting mugged in Argentina and her porn name.

It has been two BIG years since our very first episode. There have been some amazing guests, some terrible jokes and some shocking revelations, but to celebrate the podcast’s second birthday we’re going back to basics with a rebroadcast of the very first episode. Enjoy!

Due to popular demand Tom Lucy is BACK, and he’s better than ever. Find out what Turbo Jamie did at a celebrity Christmas party, why the nanny is fat and what Manchester’s contribution to science was. Yay.

The boys are back for another live episode sponsored by iD Mobile. Join them as they chat traumatising holidays, tyres and bees, of course. #ad

DJ and presenter Arielle Free joins the lad to chat raving in Germany, Harry Potter and being completely forgotten by Francis. Not cool.

The boys are on the FINAL stretch of their marathon #WorldAIDsDay episode and the end is in sight! After a string of amazing guests, it’s back to how it started: just the boys as they chat Ian Wright, murder at Radley and Spencer’s baby.

With Jack presenting tonight’s Brits and Jamie hosting on the red carpet, we thought it was only right to rebroadcast the last time the lads were together, back in episode 82. Join them as they chat growing up in boarding school, their love of Proudlock and working out the groin muscle.

Not only is this the 100th EPISODE of Private Parts but the lads are FINALLY joined by the man, the mystery, the legend: OLIVER PROUDLOCK! Join the Lost Boys as they reminisce about the golden days, chat bad investments and cringe over that Barbados trip… YEAH BABY! Read More.

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